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"A celebration of feminist theatre that explodes any notions that it’s predictable or restrictive.
Whoop ‘n’ Wail continue to challenge and delight"
In 2011 Whoop ‘n’ Wail Theatre Company was founded by Ali Kemp and Deborah Klayman.
An innovative emerging theatre company, Whoop ‘n’ Wail is dedicated to producing
quality drama with a sense of humour and a social conscience.

In 2014 they launched the Whoop 'n' Wail Represents... gender-equal new writing nights,
showcasing new work by female and male playwrights which pass the Bechdel Test.

In 2017 Ali & Debs won the Cambridge University Press "Channel the Bard" competition
with their play My Bloody Laundrette. The play script can be found here.